Frequently Asked Questions


Some frequently asked questions about the Church Pastoral Center. Have more questions? Contact Us for more information.

Aren’t there enough churches in the DFW region already?

Admittedly, there are many churches in the DFW area, but our region’s population continues to grow. Our desire is to establish new, healthy churches while also supporting larger, more established churches in need of support to survive. 

How will church planters be identified and selected?

Individuals interested in partnering with Church Pastoral Center will be selected through an application process, which includes a thorough assessment of their qualifications, leadership skills, and marriage and family life. Church Pastoral Center provides varying levels of support, including funding and resources, which are stewarded accordingly. 

Will Church Pastoral Center help launch new church plants of all denominations?

Church Pastoral Center partners primarily with churches who are members of the Texas Baptists. 

What resources will Church Pastoral Center provide for church planters?

Church Pastoral Center will provide varying levels of financial support and capacity-building resources for partnering new churches and multiplying churches in DFW and beyond.